Crusader Force

NAME : Kent Smythe IDENTITY : Public OPERATIONS : Crusader Fortress, MN, USA POWER LEVEL : 10 PLAYER : Ken Hallaron
Zero Man

Abilities Cost: 70
 Lifting STR 3
400 lbs.

Running SPD 2

Sliding SPD 4
30 mph

* - without
Defensive Roll

Defense Cost: 14

Ice Skate Kick +16 Close Damage 4, Critical (19-20) High Sticking +14 Close Damage 6, Critical (16-20) He Shoots, He Scores +13 Ranged Damage 7, ricochet 4, Crit. (16-20) Cold Blast +9 Ranged (Extended) Damage 11, Crit. (16-20) Ice Cream Headache +11 Ranged Damage 9 (vs FORT), Crit. (17-20) Brittlize +12 Close, Weaken Toughness 8 Ice Bonds +11 Ranged Snare 9, Crit. (17-20) Focused Cold Blast +3 Ranged (Diminished) Damage 17, Crit. (18-20) Cold Pulses +11 Ranged Damage 9, Multiattack, Crit. (17-20)


Acrobatics 8 7 1 Athletics 8 7 1 Close Combat 13 8/5 -- Unarmed 14 8/5 1 Ice Skate 15 8/5 2 Clubs 13/14 13/1 -- Grab 13/16 13/3 -- Trip 13/17 13/4 -- Deception 4\6 2\2 2 Expertise
Ice Hockey 8 3 5 Figure Skating 4 3 1 Tactics 4 3 1 Insight 4 4 --

Intimidation 4 2 2 Investigation 3 3 1 Perception 8 4 4 Persuasion 4\6 2\2 2 Ranged Combat 9 1/8 -- Cold Pulses 11 9/2 -- Shoots, Scores 13 9/2 2 Focused Blast 3 9/-6 -- Ice Cream 11 9/2 -- Sleight of Hand 2 1 1 Stealth 8 7 1 Technology 4 3 1 Treatment 4 3/1 -- Vehicles 4/9 1/1 2
Skills Cost: 15

Accurate Attack Agile Feint All-Out Attack Attractive 1 Beginner's Luck Benefit 1 (Athletics based on Agility) Close Attack 3 Defensive Roll 2 Equipment 2 Improved Disarm

Favored Environment (on Icy surfaces) Improved Initiative 2 Improved Trip Improvisation 3 Inspire 2 Language (French) Luck 4 Leadership Move-By Action Power Attack

Power Attack Precise Attack(Ranged Cover) Quick Draw Ranged Attack 8 Second Chance 2 (Fire & Heat Damage) Seize Initiative Talented Amateur 2 Teamwork Ultimate Effort (Shoots & Scores)
Advantages Cost: 48

He Sucks (Heat): Environment 1 - intense Cold & fog (visibility -2) in 30' 1 radius, turning the power off is sustained, Quirk: fog needs humidity He's Cold: Immunity (Cold Effects - ½ effect, Disease); Movement 1: 8 Environmental Adaptation (Ice and Cold) Ice Cold Array 44 AE Ice Maker: Create 10, Subtle 1, Stationary, Innate, Permanent, 32 selective on 9 ranks AE Cold Pulses: Ranged Damage 9, Multiattack 9, Accurate 1, Improved 1 Critical 4 AE Cold Blast: Ranged Damage 11, Improved Critical 4, Precise, 1 Extended Range 2 (1100'/2200'/4400'), Split 1 AE Freeze Area: Environment 8: Extreme Cold, Fog (-5), Radius ½ mile 1 AE Ice Bonds Snare 9, Accurate 1, Improved Critical 4 1 AE Focused Cold Blast: Ranged Damage 17, Inaccurate 3, Improved 1 Critical 3, Diminished Range 2 (85'/170'/425') AE Ice Cream Headache: Ranged Damage 9 vs Fortitude, Accurate 1, 1 Alternate Resistance, Improved Critical 4 AE Ice Cream Cone: Cone Area Damage 8 vs Fortitude, Selective, 1 Alternate Resistance AE Frozen Tunnel: Damage 10, Area Line x 2 (60'), Close 1 AE Ice Hockey Stick: Enhanced Skills 4 (Close Combat: Clubs +1, 1 Close Combat: Grab +3, Close Combat: Trip +4); High Sticking: STR-based Damage 3, Improved Critical 4 He Shoots, He Scores: STR-based Damage 4, Ranged 7, Improved Crit. 4, Accurate 1, Ricochet 4, Diminshed Range 1 (70'/140'/280') AE Brittlize: Progressive Weaken Physical Toughness 8, Affects 1 Objects, Inaccurate AE Cold Burst: Damage 10, Area Burst, Selective 1 AE Elsa Maneuver: Ice Shield: Delect 10 linked to Ice Disarm: Move 1 Object 11, Continuous, Only vs Physical Objects, Heat Problems Ice Slide Array 4 AE Fast of his Feet, Faster on Ice: Speed 2 linked to Speed +2 3 only on Ice [Speed 4 on Ice] AE Elevated Ice Slide: Flight 4, Platform, Limited altitude 1 Good Driver: Enhanced Trait 2 (Vehicles +4), land vehicles only 1 Crusader Force Training: +1 Treatment, +1 Vehicles 1
Powers Cost: 59

Insulated Pyjamas: Enhanced Trait 0 (Toughness +1, Dodge -1, Parry -1); 1 Feature: Negates "He Sucks" power, Note: since the treatments have begun to take effect, he rarely uses this any more. [D/P:12, TOU: 8]
Devices Cost: 1
Total Cost: 207
Base Points: 160 ExP Spent: 47 Experience Points Total: 56 Total Points: 207

Ice Skates: STR-Damage 1, Improved Crit. 1, Feature: Improves movement 4 on Ice, Feature: Retractable, Crusader Force Communicator, CoJ Allied Team Communicator COJ-721 3 Savantphone 2 The Snowmobile
Accident Victim - Kent's body cools a 30 ft. radius around him by about 30 degrees Fahrenheit. People can't be around him without getting very cold. He has been receiving treatments so that he can control this effect, but it is still a problem when he is asleep or similarly incapacitated.
Super-Conductor - Kent's extreme cold makes him an excellent conductor. Electrical attacks get +2 to the Attack Check and +2 to the effect.
Motivation: Screwed-up - Kent plays super-hero because of an honest desire to help people. He is receiving psycological treatment for his secret urge to get himself killed.

Known Background: Kent Smythe was born to be of the ice. He grew up in Nimrod, Minnesota where the sport of choice is ice hockey. He had learned to skate before he could speak in complete sentences. He spent his teen years as a high school hockey star, except when he was impressing the girls with his graceful, gentle figure skating.
Zero Man

A hockey scholarship sent him to college. He tried out for the U.S. Olympic Ice Hockey team and just missed the cut. After college he went pro, and began playing for the Huron City Warriors. Right before his fourth season was to begin, he went home to Nimrod. There was a celebration going on in his honor; the hometown hero from this tiny town had made good. During the party, Kent looked outside at the frozen pond where he had learned to skate. He noticed a little boy out on the ice. He realised the boy had been at the party, but was young enough that he had to have been born while Kent was in college. He wasn't sure who the boy's parents were; undoubtedly, the child had gotten bored at the adults' party. Then he noticed that while practicing hockey moves, the boy had gone beyond the Tree: the marker between the shallow and deep "halves" of the pond. One side always froze thick, the other didn't. And the boy was now on the wrong half.

Kent raced outside without his coat, cursing himself for not saying anything when he first noticed a little boy unsupervised on the ice. He got the boy to safety, but as he got the boy to shore, he fell backwards. The thin ice gave; Kent went in and slipped beneath the ice. Fortunately, a professional rescue crew arrived in time and got him out. But he had to recover, as he became ill. And the illness cost him his lead spot on the Hawks. The illness gave way to Kent discovering his body had changed. His skin turned pale, and his hair turned blue. And he became cold. Not that it bothered him, but anyone else in any room he was in would become bothered by the cold. Kent's body absorbed the heat, lowering the ambient temperature. Zero Man, before the insulated suit
Kent Smythe had become a freak; a man whose body brought the temperature down to zero degrees. But he had also found that he had enjoyed saving the boy. He liked being a hero. So he practiced controlling his 'cold projection'. He learned to create pockets of cold so that water vapor in the air would condense into ice, and he learned to shape those pockets as to make crude ice structures. He had special boots made with collapsable ice skates in them; he could switch from walking to skating without changing his footwear. Then he received a letter from Bernard Mason, inviting him to come to San Francisco.

As Zero Man, Kent was a charter member of the Frisco Freax. But rather than making him feel like less of a freak, everything at the the Freax compound was so upside-down topsy turvy, that Kent felt even more of a freak because of the normalcy in his life he had clung to. For example, before, Kent used to be invited to pose for underwear ads, and but then was largly ignored by the female population of the Freax, but his four-armed, eyeless teammate with a face that stops clocks, Quadtron, was treated like a sex symbol. Ironically, after several months, when Zero Man had had enough and decided to leave, Luke/Quadtron went with him. However, another Freak, Paul (Lumpy) Clarence, did make arrangements for Kent to visit Dr. Doyle Conan, one of the leading physicians in the field of parahuman medicine. Today, Kent has enough control of his powers that he rarely uses the insulated suit that Luke had made for him, save at night when he sleeps. He is also receiving treatment for his depression. He and Luke returned to Kent's home state, and have joined Crusader Force.

Personality: Kent Smythe was a successful professional athlete. He had money, fame, and no shortage of women. His accident took all of that away. He mostly enjoys trying to be a super hero, but among his Frisco Freax teammates, he was an outsider. He was a jock in a house full of scientists and pixies. He felt no real acceptance from most his teammates, just an expectation that he should drink their proverbial 'Kool-Aid'. As such he was increasingly resentful and depressed, to the point of being suicidal. Getting away from that hell has helped, as has his psychological and medical treatment. He is slowly returning to the smiling, friendly person he once was.

Powers/Tactics: Kent Smythe is a strong and agile athlete who's also a gifted skater. His time as a hockey player has taught him much about group dynamics and group combat. His body is also a heat sink. He lowers his immediate vicinity by approximately fourty degrees fahrenheit just by being. He can concentrate this effect and he uses it offensively. He can also create crude ice structures if there is enough humidity; he favours making hockey-stick-like structures, as well as pucks to use against people. Due to his deathwish, he tends to pick the most dangerous opponents.

Appearance: Zero Man is 5'9" and weighs around 170 lbs. His skin is blueish-white and his hair is blue. He has a strong, athletic build, and is handsome despite his altered pigmentation.

Zero Man was created, designed, and is played by Ken Hallaron.

© Copyright 1999, 2020 - Kenneth G. Hallaron

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